Python operators

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Logical Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators perform all mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

1 + Add two operand
2 - Subtract one operand from another
3 * Perform multiplication of two operand
4 / Perform division and calculate the floating quotient
5 // Perform division and calculate the integer quotient
6 % Perform division and calculate the remainder
7 ** Calculate the power of a given number


Example:  save the file as

print(2+3)  # 5
print(3-2)   # 1
print(3*2) # 6
print(3/2) # 1.5
print(3//2) # 1
print(3%2) # 1
print(3**2) # 9

Relational operators

Relational operators check the relation between two operands and return boolean value depends upon conditions.

1 < Less than
2 <= Less than or equal
3 > Greater than
4 >= Greater than or equal
5 != Not equal
6 == equality

Example save the file as

print(3<2) # False
print(3<=2) # False
print(3>2) # True
print(3>=2) # True
print(3!=2) # True
print(3==2) # False


Logical operators

1 and Return true if all conditions are true otherwise false.
2 or Return true if one of the conditions is true otherwise false.
3 not Return invert of the result of a given condition.

Example: Save the file as

Example 1 (and operator)

if (email_validate==True and mobile_validate==True):
           print("You can buy now.")
           print("Sorry, you can't buy, please verify the email or mobile number.")

Output: Sorry, you can't buy, please verify the email or mobile number.


Example 2 (or operator)

if (driving_licence==True or passport==True):
           print("You can open your bank account")
           print("Sorry, you can't open your bank account")

Output: You can open your bank account. 


Example 3 (not operator)

name=input("What is your name?")
if(not name):
 print("Please fill up name")
 print("Your name is ",name)

What is your name?
Please fill up your name

What is your name? John
Your name is John

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