C programming language

C is a general-purpose, procedural programming language.
C programming was developed by Denis Ritchie at Bell Labs, during 1980 - 1990. it was the most popular programming language.
it also becomes the most widely used programming language in that era.
it is also known as the successor of B programming languages.

History of C programming language

it is said that origin of c programming language with Unix operating system,  which was implemented with assembly language.
two main people who developed c programming was denis Ritchie and ken Thompson.
the idea behind to develop c programming language came in mind with the need for utility programs.

initially, Thompson created Fortran compiler and recently gave up.

In 1972 Denis Ritchie started to improve B programming language and result in the form of new programming language C.

K&R C (taken from Brian Kernighan and Denis Ritchie)

it was the first edition of C programming language, this book known as C programmers K&R C, the second edition of this cover ANSI C


As C programming language becomes popular, C is implemented in mainframe, mini, and microcomputers, including IBM.
Around 1993 ANSI (Americal National Standards of Institute) formed a committee X3J11 to the established standard specification of C.

Note: there are different versions of C programming languages like C89, C90, C11, C18 which are some modifications and changes in the programming language.

There are some points which define the popularity and importance of the C programming language.

  • C is known as Mother Language of all programming languages because most of programming languages Compiler, Kernels are written in the C programming.
  • It is also used to develop system software.
  • It is also called procedural programming languages, procedure means functions, methods.
  • It is also called Structure programming language which is a subset of procedural programming language.
  • C support feature of low level, high-level programming language.

The c programming language has a basic syntax library.

Hello program in C.

int main(){
               printf("Hello world.");
return 0;


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